Elazığlı Çiğ Köfteci

In 1997 Elazığlı Çiğköfteci Ahmet Usta's business life which started in the back of a car made its way to making a "Çiğköfte" sector. There were days he was told "There would never be a production permit for Çiğköfte" but his determination and his power of will led the Ministry of Agriculture to finnally listen to reasoning and give the permition which would become one of the leading branches in the food industries in turkey.

Nowadays every company you come across got claims about being the first one in the industry. But Elazığlı Çiğköfteci Corpration knows that its fellow costumers knows better and so does anyone who has been there when çiğköfte was not a thing in food industry.

Today in Corprations ever improving factory, Elazığlı Çiğköfteci still satisfies its costumers and keeps its place as the best "Çiğköfteci" in the industry with its top quailty products.

In our 1500 metersquare workplace our products are daily made and are freshly distrubited to our stores. Our production is still made by "Ahmet Usta" just as it was before 20 years. We have improved our producing capacity for our newly opened distrubuters.

Our company is currently selling Turkish traditional foods "Çiğköfte","İçli Köfte" and diffrent types of turkish desserts. Our company both has big corner stores, where you and your family can sit and enjoy both your meals and the atmosphere, and come and get it stores.

Our primary goal today is to enlarge our distubition network to give every person the chance to enjoy original taste of "Çiğköfte". Elazığlı Çiğköfteci Corpration, which has oppened its own stores until now, is now going for franchising all around the turkey and europe. Our franchisers will not only be a part of the very first company in the industry but they also start their buissnies with a prestegious and trustworty companies added value.